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Year End Message from the District Grand Master, Farouk Khan


Dear Mark Brethren, We are again rapidly approaching the festive season and with it a quiet time for all Masonic activities. I hope we can all refresh ourselves and approach the new year with renewed vigour and enthusiasm.

Looking back over the current year we have all faced some difficulties, be it health, social isolation or financial. I cannot be sure that we have seen the end of the ‘interesting times’ but we can all hope that life will generally see an improvement over the next year.

As far as our Mark District is concerned, and despite some reluctance to socialise, we have seen some significant successes. In particular, Newton Lodge No 280 under the Mastership of Bob McKillop, is now rebranded as a Services Lodge attracting members from the armed forces as well as the uniformed civilian services. The Lodge is now meeting in the south of the North Island and has become the second strongest Lodge in our District, a tremendous achievement.

Equally satisfying is the reopening of the Lewis Mark Lodge No 49 under the Mastership of Peter Parris and the Lebanon Royal Ark Mariner Lodge No 49 under the Command of Dennis Turner, after more than three years in abeyance. These two Lodges are currently working with small numbers but with Advancements and Elevations already lined up for next year.

There are still many Craft Masons who have not experienced the ‘Magic of the Mark’ and it is incumbent on all of us to communicate to members of our Craft Lodges the nature of the ‘Friendly Degree’ and encourage them to join their local Mark Lodge. In particular, those members who hold District rank have a particular duty to take an active role in their District duties by carrying this message to all Craft members.

There are a number of Brethren who have worked tirelessly for the good of the District and are to be commended for their efforts on our behalf, because without them we could not have had such a successful year. I will, however, limit myself to mentioning only three of them. My particular thanks go to Bob McKillop for his editorship of the ‘Mark My Words’ newsletter as well as his immense support for the District Executive; and Tony Mansfield and Taz Webster for their huge contribution in ways far too numerous to list.

After serving the District unstintingly over the past two and a half years, Tony Mansfield will be stepping down as Deputy District Grand Master and Julian (Taz) Webster will be stepping up to that role. Richard Bray of the Newton Lodge No 280 is the new member of the team and will be appointed as Assistant District Grand Master. I am eagerly looking forward to working with the new team to take our District even further.

The complete District team will be invested at our Communications meeting in February 2023.


Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our brethren and their families a very happy Christmas (or festive season if you prefer) as well as a happy and prosperous New Year.


Farouk Khan

District Grand Master

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